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Walter Matia
Walter Matia

Major at Williams: Biology and Art


I am a hunter and a fisherman, though less of both than I used to be; a lover of hunting dogs, but an inattentive trainer. My dogs don’t seem to care and their joyful presence is sufficient for most situations.


I am an ardent “birder”, a watcher, not a “lister”.


I am a conservationist of the old school, some pursuit, some management, some preservation.


I am also a representational artist. I am not documenting or illustrating specific events; I am re-presenting them. I see things in the wild and edit the masses and gestures into sculpture My art lets me hold on to the experiences.

Bronze sculpture
Spirit of the Bull
A Questions of Balance

The Spirit of the Bull

By Walter T. Matia

Six Spanish fighting bulls commissioned by the NFL Houston Texans for the Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas. Written by the artist, complete with full color photos which detail the concept and sculpting processes, casting, assembly and final installation.

A Question of Balance

By Walter T. Matia

It is about the balance between the time I spend watching animals in the wild and the hours spent in the studio. It is about finding the balance between representing anatomical facts, and seeking out what is truly artistic and beautiful in those gestures and compositions. It is about balancing what I know by ‘seeing’ with what I can imagine in a sculptural rendering of that knowledge.

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