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Welcome Friends!

We'd been meaning to celebrate the Williams College Class of 1975 45th Reunion with a Saturday evening musical performance featuring a star-studded cast of our classmates, but . . . well, you all know what happened. In spite of COVID-19 and the cancellation of the in-person event, we are going to celebrate anyway, starting with this musical greeting to us all. 

Then check out what your classmates have been doing creatively -- click on a name and you'll see everything from oil painting to crochet, jazz piano to bronzes, poetry to TED talk.

Thanks to the intrepid few who donned their earbuds and Zoomed their voices for "Old Friends," by Stephen Sondheim, especially Andrea Axelrod, the driving force behind this performance, along with Sheila Brown, Ralph Shipley, Polly Wood-Holland, Deborah Grose, and Jerry Brown. And a big shout-out to Will Holland for the video editing.

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