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Bart Nourse (1953-2019)

Major at Williams: History of Ideas


The writer and director of Passion to Teach, Bart Nourse lived a life of purpose – as an inspiring and life-changing teacher to countless young people, as an organizer and advocate for community education, as a life-long student of the history of educational change and the role of schools in society, and, in his final years, as a powerful voice for the idea of preserving and strengthening America’s public schools from the inside out, by elevating the teaching profession.  


Bart recognized that meaningful change in education had to come from the experts “who know what works with children and what brings them to life: teachers.” He knew that teachers needed to be well-prepared, supported, and then given the freedom and responsibility to practice their craft for the greater good of learners. Bart envisioned a way to move beyond endless cycles of failed top-down reform, working from the inside out, beginning with the leadership and expertise of teachers. 


You will find a collection of his writings, as well as his TEDx Talk on the Passion to Teach website:

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