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Gene Falk

Major at Williams: English


When I found myself living in Africa, I thought it might be time to take my camera off AUTO and figure out what all the nobs and buttons were for, so I enrolled in a basic photography class. I was lucky enough to wind up with a wonderful instructor.  With her encouragement, I took more photos, then more advanced classes, then lots more photos.  I eventually developed (no pun intended) some proficiency with my Canon, and I like to think I wound up with some pretty good shots.


Over 10 years, I travelled throughout more than a dozen countries in Southern Africa.  I took my camera with me whenever I could and photographed whatever I saw. Spectacular sunsets, over the Atlantic and in out-of-the way deltas. Remarkable landscapes, some erupting with tropical growth, some barren as Mars. Herds of animals roaming habitats they’ve occupied for eons. Tourists tasting pricey wines in stunning vineyards, and locals struggling to get by, in urban slums and remote villages. 

These are a handful of favorites.

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