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Peter Johnson

Major at Williams: Political Science


It's still overwhelming to fathom: tragedy and sorrow from COVID struck tens of thousands of American families. Our clan navigated this crisis with options and luck. Since my parents succumbed years ago to lung disease, we decided I should quarantine vaccine-less 2020 at our new second home in Vermont – while my saintly wife, Adrienne, remained in Pennsylvania with our two girls.


For coping solo, I zoomed with the kids, cranked up Berlin Philharmonic Roku concerts on the big-screen, wrote seven career-based articles soon published, and composed nine themed collages. A photo journal of sorts, all were taken with my Android phone at our panoramic perch, Starry Ridge, on Lake Champlain, or nearby. Beauty in nature and music became my fortunate refuge, and I hope these blessings nourish you, too, wherever you live. Below are four excerpts from My Quarantine Gallery 2020.


While my career was in banking then public radio, photography has always been a passion, and I've been printing 30x40 canvas enlargements of late.

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