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Lezli Hope White

Major at Williams: Psychology

I’m a creator  and wisdom seeker who uses sound, words, fiber, glass, metal, and wire to create poems, patterns, stories, music, ornaments, wearables, jewelry,  sculpture, adornments and peace whenever possible. An award-winning poet, my first collection, Embouchure, won a Writers Digest Award.  My new collection, THEM GONE, was published by The Word Works (2018). My work is included in the The 100 Best African American Poems, DARK, MATTER, (the first!) anthology of African American Science Fiction and Erotique Noire, the first anthology of black erotica, as well as many other anthologies and journals.

I’ve been making paper from scratch, by hand for more than 20 years. I exhibit my art work regularly. 


An avid freeformer, my current interest is in using figural motifs in crochet fabric and small loom weaving.  A crochet designer, I have produced over 125 independently published patterns. 

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